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I am now a proud part owner of Steampunk Garage (SPG). Jenifer Martinez, of SPG, sells some of my finished products and I am her primary supplier. Both of our finished products can be found at www.steampunkgarage.com.
First, I purchase wire. My wire comes from three sources: The Ring Lord (Toronto & Saskatoon, Canada), Rio Grande (New Mexico, USA), and Reactive Metals Studio (Arizona, USA).
Wire gets wrapped around a mandrel with a tension device. The tension device allows me to recreate the same size coils over and over again. Currently, I have over 120 different size mandrels. This allows me to make rings with inside diameter differences as small as 0.001". This is essensial for making high-quality finished products that can slowly graduate in size and provide just the right flexibility.
I cut on one side of the coils to make individual rings. All of my rings are saw cut. I use modified ringinators to cut my rings. The circular saw blade removes very little metal. The saw blades I use are 0.01", 0.008", and 0.006" thick. See Anatomy of a Saw-Cut Chainmaille Ring for more information.
My favorite aspect of chainmaille is creating and studying weaves. I am very particular about having soft and aligned edges when closing my rings. I have many different pliers that I work with to close the rings. I've created over 100 original weaves so far.
I'm currently active in all selling formats of chainmaille. I sell rings, tools, kits, tutorials, and finished products.
Though I don't usually teach in person, I do contribute knowledge to the chainmaille community through social media and my kit/tutorial monthly subscription service.
Quality and Consistency
I purchase all the supplies, cut my own rings, weave finished products, tumble products, take pictures, pack and ship items, write tutorials, manage the subscription service, and follow it all up with high-end customer service. I have purposely kept my business small to exercise tight control over consistency of ring sizes and quality of finished products.

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