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Contact Information for Joshua Diliberto


More frequently checked: benefactor111@yahoo.com
Less frequently checked: joshua@joshuadiliberto.com

Mailing Address
Joshua Diliberto
7022 Statendam Ct
McLean, VA 22101

Phone/Text Number
(951) 255-0743

Return Policy
Tools are guaranteed for life. All finished products are guaranteed for life. Rings can be returned for in-house credit. If I make a mistake on your order, the correct items will be shipped out right away. Mistake items can be returned or kept at your convenience.

I'm accepting commissions for drawing starting at $2,000 for 8" x 10". I'm also doing chainmaille commissions for finished products and special order rings/supplies. 100% payment is due before work can begin on your project (unless a different agreement is reached). Facebook private message is the quickest way to reach me for commissions.

If items break due to the fault of the customer, I am happy to repair these items for a fee. Some repairs can be done for free, but there can be costs involved. Shipping is the customer's responsibility in this situation. Please contact me to see how much your repairs will cost.

Caring for Chainmaille
There are many materials used in the art of chainmaille. Stainless steel, titanium, niobium, and gold do not need upkeep except for occasional washing of dust and skin oils. Silver, copper, and brass will dull over time and can be polished or tumbled to get a nice shine back. EPDM rubber can dry or crack if left in the sun. Tire protectants work great to keep EPDM rubber shiny and flexible. EPDM rubber can stretch out if a constant force is applied to them over many days.

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