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Tome of Weaves: Mobius 3 in 1 Unit

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Description: Mobius 3 in 1 Unit is derived from level 4 R.I.M. Mobius 3 in 1 Unit consists of 4 rings that all spiral in on each other. The spiralling can be left or right handed. The sample pictured in the top section is showing a right handed unit spiralling and is called the spiral form; the sample is made with stainless steel 12swg 7/16" rings that are 3 in 1 with 4.97 AR. The samples pictured in the bottom section are showing left and right handed units spiralling and are called the Voodoo form; the samples are made with stainless steel 16swg 17/64" rings that are 3 in 1 with 4.44 AR and 18swg .146" rings that are 3 in 1 with 3.15 AR.

Discovered By & Date: Unknown
Minimum AR: 2.70
Ideal AR Range/s: >4.00
Maximum AR: N/A
AR Lock: No
Chiral: Yes
Prime: Yes
# of Ring Sizes Used: 1
Consistent Ring Ratio: Yes
Ring Ratio: 3:1
Strength: Medium
# of Rings/Repeating Section: N/A
Cross Section: N/A

R.I.M. Level 4 Structure: Ancestors/Prerequisites:

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