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Tome of Weaves: Lila 3 in 1 Unit

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Profile 45
Profile 45

Description: Lila 3 in 1 Unit is derived from the R.I.M. It is composed of 6 rings arranged in a triangular prism shape. What makes this weave special is that each section of 3 rings do not interconnect. Given that Lila 3 in 1 Unit is constructed with the same size rings, they will require greater than 5.80 AR. Capturing a sphere in the middle of this unit is possible (bottom picture). Picture samples are made with stainless steel and use 1 ring size. Top picture section: 16swg 45/128" rings are 3 in 1 with 5.94 AR. Bottom picture section: 16swg 49/128" rings are 3 in 1 with 6.52 AR and a 1/4" ceramic sphere capture.

Discovered By & Date: Joshua Diliberto | September 2021
Minimum AR: 5.80
Ideal AR Range/s: 5.90 +
Maximum AR: N/A
AR Lock: No
Chiral: Yes
Prime: Yes
# of Ring Sizes Used: 1
Consistent Ring Ratio: Yes
Ring Ratio: 3:1
Strength: Low
# of Rings/Repeating Section: 3
Cross Section: Triangle

R.I.M. Level 4 Structure: Ancestors/Prerequisites: Descendants: M.A.I.L. External Link:
Tutorial/s (Internal Link/s):

Tutorial/s (External Link/s):

Tome of Weaves Documentation: Joshua Diliberto | 9/25/2021 5:11 pm
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