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Tome of Weaves: Lao Tzu Triangle Unit

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Description: Lao Tzu Triangle Unit is derived from Hoodoo Hexagon Unit and HP2 Slider Chain. Lao Tzu Triangle Unit has an embedded horizontal larger ring that weaves in and out of an 6 ring loop. Then, 3 rings are weaved in on the outside to stabilize and optionally capture a sphere. All Lao Tzu Units can also be seen as small HP2 Slider Chains with stabilizing outer rings. The sample pictured is showing a right handed unit. Sample is made with stainless steel. Two ring sizes are used: 16swg .194" rings are 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 with 3.31 AR and 16swg 1/4" ring is 9 in 1 with 4.24 AR.

Discovered By & Date: Joshua Diliberto | April 2021
Minimum AR: 3.10 | 4.10
Ideal AR Range/s: 3.2 - 3.40 | 4.20 - 4.40
Maximum AR: N/A
AR Lock: No
Chiral: Yes
Prime: No
# of Ring Sizes Used: 2
Consistent Ring Ratio: No
Ring Ratio: N/A
Strength: High
# of Rings/Repeating Section: N/A
Cross Section: N/A

R.I.M. Level 4 Structure: Ancestors/Prerequisites: Descendants:
Lao Tzu Square Unit
Lao Tzu Pentagon Unit
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Tutorial/s (Internal Link/s):

Tutorial/s (External Link/s):

Tome of Weaves Documentation: Joshua Diliberto | 6/24/2021, 7:57 am
M.A.I.L. Documentation: N/A
Last Edited (Internal): Joshua Diliberto | 6/24/2021, 7:57 am

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