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Tome of Weaves: Dirac Chain

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Profile 45

Description: Dirac Chain is related to European 6 in 1 Sheet and Elf Bridge Chain. Dirac Chain can be considered to be a Gridlock 4 in 1 Sheet version of European 6 in 1 Chain; it can also be considered to be Elf Bridge Chain with the edge rings unconnected to each other. Dirac Chain has mid range flexibility from top to bottom and mid range flexibility from side to side. The top and bottom views of this weave look the same and the side views look the same. The picture sample is made with stainless steel: 16swg 15/64" rings that are 3 in 1 with 3.89 AR and 16swg 19/64" rings that are 6 in 1 with 4.95 AR. This sample is flexible enough to make a bracelet.

Discovered By & Date: Joshua Diliberto | January 2016
Minimum AR: 3.60 | 4.60
Ideal AR Range/s: 3.80 - 4.00 | 4.90 - 5.10
Maximum AR: N/A
AR Lock: No
Chiral: No
Prime: No
# of Ring Sizes Used: 2
Consistent Ring Ratio: No
Ring Ratio: 3:1 | 6:1
Strength: Medium
# of Rings/Repeating Section: 3
Cross Section: Rectangle

R.I.M. Level 4 Structure: Ancestors/Prerequisites: Descendants: M.A.I.L. External Link: Tutorial/s (Internal Link/s):

Tutorial/s (External Link/s):

Tome of Weaves Documentation: Joshua Diliberto | 2/16/2020 1:45:39 PM
M.A.I.L. Documentation: Joshua Diliberto | 1/18/2016 3:29 pm
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